Oren heads AI and Machine Learning in EMEA, where his team supports AWS customers on their ML and GenAI journeys. Prior to joining AWS in 2019, Oren was CEO of an InsurTech company that built ML-based risk scoring models of driving behaviors for motor insurance companies, where he led the company to acquisition by Verisk Analytics. He was head of Product at a HCLS company that built next generation DNA sequencing solutions for labs, he advised the Israel Government and half a dozen starts up in Fintech, Retail and Automotive. For the past 7 years, Oren has been leading a social impact initiative helping families of children with autism. Earlier in his professional life he worked as engagement manager in a strategic consulting firm. Oren is passionate about helping companies on their ML journey.

Ymke de Jong Philips

Overall, the key messages of the talk would center around the importance of organizational transformation to successfully leverage generative AI. This would involve understanding the business landscape and identifying opportunities, building key capabilities, addressing resistance to change, creating a culture of innovation and continuous learning, and considering ethical and social implications of AI. Through real-world case studies and discussion of future trends, the talk would emphasize the urgency for businesses to begin the transformation process in order to remain competitive in the era of generative AI.

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